Meet The All Pro Sports Medicine Team

Joan Rubinger | All Pro Sports MedicineJOAN RUBINGER

Founder & CEO

Dr. Joan Rubinger, FNPC, PhD, CSCS, ATC,  is in her 11th year with All Pro Sports Medicine.  She is board certified in internal medicine, specializing in emergency medicine and clinical sports medicine.  A former elite gymnast and two-sport NCAA Division I athlete, Rubinger graduated from Syracuse University prepared to embark on a career revolutionizing the practices and principles of sports medicine.  

Rubinger did this in part by using her experience in the emergency room as a foundation of early “building blocks” for a clinical approach to sports medicine.  Her comprehensive background in neuromuscular physiology, kinesiology, athletic training, strength & conditioning, sports nutrition, and internal medicine makes her uniquely qualified to treat conditions sustained by athletic individuals.



Over the years has developed and perfected unique and individualized treatment regimens, focusing on injury management, metabolic deficit correction, and chronic inflammatory conditions. Her work has resulted in significant decreases in recovery time from acute and chronic injuries, attracting the interest of the world’s best athletes.  Together with some of the greatest minds in the industry, Rubinger design and test distinctive programs to achieve accelerated recovery timetables.   She has become especially valuable to athletes approaching the end of their careers, as her clinical techniques have shown to increase longevity.  Without a doubt, Rubinger’s fingerprint has been on the careers of NBA, NFL, MLB, World and Olympic Champions.

In 2021, she established a nonprofit organization, The Joan Rubinger Foundation for Sports Science and Research, which aspires to provide quality sports medicine treatments, training and recovery products to injured young athletes and sports programs in underserved areas at no cost, as well as conducting research studies to test the clinical outcomes and validity of sports medicine treatments and products. The Foundation aims to bridge the visible and palpable gap between the well-funded youth programs in mostly upper-middle class areas and those from impoverished and/or disenfranchised areas. This monster endeavor also serves as a safe and trustworthy source of sports medicine treatment, physical therapy, strength & conditioning programs, education in training, rehab, & preventative medicine, and premium emergency medical services.

Amin Hasan | All Pro Sports Medicine


Director of Operations

We stole Amin from the Oakland Raiders, where he was routinely the highest performing sales and operations employee in the organization.  Amin served the Raiders, one of the world’s largest employers, in the areas of VIP sales, group sales, human resources, information technology, project management, and operations.  He often collaborated with countless business owners, executives, and senior officers, aiding their companies by implementing solutions that directly impacted the success of their organizations.  Amin’s proven experience in highly dynamic settings led him to flourish by pushing innovative boundaries in the areas of business operations, human capital management and project management, improving and empowering numerous companies along the way.   

As the Director of Operations for All Pro Sports Medicine, Amin is responsible for developing operational procedures, functionality, collaboration, logistics, and symbiosis for all three arms of the company:  services, products, and philanthropy.  A born leader and relentless worker, Amin’s organizational and communication skills are second to none, and he is internally renowned for being the voice of reason within our company.




Kennedy Croft | All Pro Sports MedicineKENNEDY CROFT

Sports Marketing & Strategy Intern